Frequently asked questions


This resource is available for all bona fide researchers interested in immune-oncology research. Contact information for depositors will only be available to registered scientists

Registration is absolutely free

Please allow 24 hours for registration validation. You should have access to collaborator contact information shortly. We aim to preserve privacy of the depositor so each registrant must be confirmed. If you do not receive registration validation within 24 hours please contact : 


After registration, scientists can deposit and search for available samples among collaborators. Initial contact between researchers will be provided through the VITC platform providing email contact among collaborators for follow-up. VITC provides the platform for immune-oncology researchers to connect. Once collaborations are made, Material Transfer Agreements will be initiated among individual institutions. VITC is not responsible for providing such agreements.

You will not need VITC approval to publish any data after making fruitful collaborations. Authorship should be discussed and agreed upon by individual investigators. This research was conducted utilizing the Virtual Immuno-Oncology Connection (VITC) made possible through the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) Sparkathon.

Resource sharing through VITC will optimize the utilization of existing resources, prevent duplication thereby lowering research costs, and allow new investigators to explore innovative ideas. It will allow researchers to increase sample thereby allowing them to increase the power of their analysis.